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Company Profile


D.D.L. StampaggioD.D.L. StampaggioD.D.L. Stampaggio was founded in 2010 to operate in the field of cold forming of metal sheet, mold design and manufacturing.

Our Company focuses on the professional training of specialized personnel and aimed at achieving two basic objectives: the complete satisfaction of the Customer and to establish with him/her a long-term relationship of cooperation and mutual trust, through availability and professionalism.

The ability of quickly identifying the best technical and productive solutions through the research, design and development of each product, makes the D.D.L. Stampaggio a reliable and complete partner.

Collaboration, product reliability, on-time delivery and quality are the key words at the basis of every business decision.


D.D.L. Stampaggio S.r.l.

Via Casnedi 78
23868, Valmadrera (LC), Italy
Ph: + 39 0341 202195
Fax: + 39 0341 200859
E-mail: info@ddlstampaggio.it
VAT: 03297740130

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